Alex Hynes (EP)

by Alex Hynes

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A collection of songs and demo recordings spanning from late 2010 to the beginning of 2012.

Thank you for buying, taking, sharing, downloading and/or listening to this little collection. You allow me to do what I love to do and for that I am incredibly grateful. I love you. - Alex


released April 13, 2012

(for download April 20th)
Written, performed and recorded by Alex Hynes
Artwork by Alex Hynes



all rights reserved


Alex Hynes UK

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Track Name: Your Happy Home
Scurry near my feet,
Sharp turns and movements.

Scale another peak,
Crawl beneath the mountain.

Run with staggered grace,
Silent determination.

Watch that beetle run,
the carpet serves as your,
mountains and roads,
desert plains and salt flats,
Dark forest trails,
Skyline and beyond,
Your rolling hills,
Your happy home.

Your happy home.
Track Name: Clear Lake
They all asked to see you,
when you weren't there to keep them warm.
Like lovers sworn,
No one else would ever do.

Their lives run straight through you,
though not in blood. In love.
In your rain, heard their voices,
heard your song.

She remembers their faces in candle light by Clear Lake.
She still lives in the water that surrounds us now.

We all came to see you,
on your day of goodbyes,
and fond eyes that thank you,
for all that they've seen.
Track Name: Steady Voice of Reason (Watch Them All Go)
I remember the smell and I remember the taste,
Someone was screaming what it was all about.
Ignored and sustained its waste,
Reason said, "Don't dive to deep,
for you'll only meet Regret,
and I've seen some bad things that I'll never forget."

We'll watch them all go,
Its nearly time for me to go.

Reason, why did I never listen?
How does an empty frame obscure all vision?
Its like being told that you'll never breathe again,
But I can breathe again,
I'm just to scared to see or mend the shattered path ahead.

Take a look outside 'cus we found a bleeding soldier,
Says there's a flood ahead and we better run for cover.
"Take it from me," he pleas, "you can't fight this moving water.
I've heard what it has to say and I heard the Devil's laughter."

We'll watch them all,
Its nearly time for me to go, sleep.
Track Name: Smile
Even if today,
Just falls, falls away,
I want you to smile.

And sing,
Like nobody's there,
Sing out, sing out,
You shouldn't really care.

And know,
That I need you now.
The days they move far too slow.
I need you here,
More than you know.

But for now all I can do is just,
Even if today,
Just falls, falls away,
I'll just sit here and smile.